FusionX, Zombies, and more!

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    It's been busy. I'll just start with that. If you missed it, we picked up FusionX. I'm glad we did pick it up when we did because Cheerio (the original owner) left the Minecraft scene and if it weren't for us picking it up...it would just be gone. So whew...


    So basically it comes down to this. We're building it as a WizardCraft alternative. If you don't like wands and magic, just stick with default kit PvP with FusionX. Thanks to @Vixtron and @Senk Ju for building the new server and stepping up to the plate with that. It's back online for everyone to enjoy.

    Like we said in the video, we're bringing back a gamemode we loved to play back when we were modding Modern Warfare 2. Zombies is here! We're fixing a few glitches here and there but we got it out in closed beta. You can pick up some beta access here on the store.

    @Unbr34k4bl3 will be taking over Skyblock and rebuilding it from the ground up to make it bigger and better for all of you. We're hoping to get that out to you all soon.

    New Staff
    With the FusionX merge, we acquired some new staff. @DramatiseMC and SirHyperNova have joined the WiZARDHAX crew. We believe they will really benefit the server as moderators and we're looking forward to helping them grow with us.

    Other Updates
    OITQ and WizardCraft will also be receiving updates here soon. Along with a new gamemode being designed as we speak. This will be after we finish up some issues on Zombies and get that fully out for closed beta.

    We also bought a new node for our servers to help handle the extra traffic, and we've also load balanced the BungeeCord servers. So now if one goes down, only a few people will be affected. This will greatly improve the server experience. The entire backend for our administration has been updated and improved to make the entire system work better and the overall administration experience smoother.

    It's all going very well, but without the community support, we may not be able to last. If you want to help and support the server, please consider upgrading your account on our store!
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    HOT! :)
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